MFA thesis finished!

After some weeks of intense writing (while in Seoul, Korea) I was able to finish the written part of the Live Cinema project that I have been documenting so far in this blog. This written part is in fact the thesis essay that I had to submit in order to finish my MFA degree at the Department of Design|Media Arts, UCLA. Grab the pdf file of the thesis here.


The thesis is divided in two major sections, Theory and Practice, one Appendix, plus a final Conclusion. The Theory section deals with the artistic and conceptual antecedents for this work, and I used most of the previous posts in this blog as the starting point for this section. The Practice section describes in detail the creative processes and final outcome of the performance pieces carried out as part of the MFA thesis exhibition – one at UCLA’s Experimental Digital Arts (EDA) space and another at the Museum of Jurassic Technology – as well as the personal background that motivated their creation. I also posted the documentation for these performances in previous posts. The video files can also be downloaded directly as mp4 files from this folder.

The final Appendix section serves as a reference for the custom software tool specifically developed for these series of performances, called Andiamo, and the related libraries I programmed to achieve real-time video playback and filter effects in Processing.


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