VJ set at brokenbeat

Together with Xárene Eskandar we did a couple of VJ sets for the Brokenbeat Night at Kadan club (San Diego), on saturday 7th. Xárene used Modul8 for her “circles” set, while I had the first change to road-test Andiamo in a “real”  live situation. Although the DJ/club setting usually calls for visuals that are closely tied to the music and not necesarily narrative, I was able to play a little with some ideas for a live cinema piece I’m currently working on. We also tested the tracking module of Andiamo, by using a live camera and attaching Xárene’s circles to the people dancing on the floor, as you can see in this video:

And some pictures:


Brokenbeat_Feb2009 9

Brokenbeat_Feb2009 7

Brokenbeat_Feb2009 6

Brokenbeat_Feb2009 4

Brokenbeat_Feb2009 14

Brokenbeat_Feb2009 13

Brokenbeat_Feb2009 11


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